Welcome To iComply

We are a Compliance services provider based in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the financial centre of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Our founder, Joyal Valan, comes with over 20 years of banking and compliance experience. He has been in this region since 2003 and established iComply Risk Management to provide customised compliance solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner to protect organisations against non-compliance to regulatory requirements.

iComply’s approach and unparalleled collaboration helps financial institutions to optimize resources and design risk management and compliance programs that are aligned, efficient, and technology enabled so risk is covered in all facets of operations.

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Our Vision

iComply will support compliance departments by helping them effectively deal with the expanding regulatory burden saving time and resources. We add value to your compliance departments with our shared services and industry expertise

Our Mission

We assure that organisations meet the challenges of new and existing regulatory requirements, information flow and application. We provide reliable regulatory information, insights and actions through the compliance advisory, newsletters and an innovative technology platform

Our Value

iComply will work with the principles of Integrity, Professionalism, Competence and Objectivity and will carry out our work with due skill, care and diligence. We will endow our staff with adequate independence and resources when working with our clients to protect their business interests

Senior Management

iComply Risk Management Limited was envisioned by a former Compliance Officer with over 20 years of collective international banking experience in Compliance. The need to enable and assist financial institutions to cope with the fast-changing regulatory environment compelled us to create iComply. Our mission is to help the compliance departments and empower the 1st and 2nd line of defense through valuable tools and resources. Our aim is to assist financial institutions to manage regulatory requirements and regulators’ expectations. Our vision is to empower all 3 lines of defense through compliance advisory services, training and artificial intelligence-enabled technological solutions.

Advisory Board

An Advisory board will be in place to provide business and professional expertise to the executive management of iComply Risk Management Limited. It will consist of senior executives and other individuals deemed to have special knowledge of the financial services sector or the technology sector around the world. The executive management may consult with the advisory committee on important matters. The advisory committee does not decide the matter and will not be involved in the executive decisions of iComply, but may represent a broader spectrum of interests than the executive management itself.